5 Better Things to Do After Work

Who doesn’t get tired of a full-day meeting, rough direct calls, and endless email chains?

For sure, your couch is your favorite breathing spot right after work. And phone scrolling or Netflix is your favorite post-work day sideline routine. I’m pretty sure you’re even scrolling onto your emails after you already left the office.

Imagine the time you reach home at 5:00 PM or 6:00 PM and hitting the sheets at 11:00 PM. That’s five to six hours of extra time!

Yes, you’ll never notice how much time you’re wasting on your couch when you start scrolling your smartphone. You’ll even burn more hours more than you want it.

Can’t you think of anything else to do to kill those five hours?

It was a routine for my entire 9-5 work-day job for years. However, no matter how I relax on that couch while phone scrolling, the feeling of exhaustion is still chasing me.

So, I tried to deviate my attention and routine to some better things to do after work. On top of that, not only did I lessen the fatigue and headaches caused by the 9-5 day job but also enriching my total well-being and future.

I hope you can find meaningful inspiration from the list too. And don’t let your brain cells turn necrotic.

Here we go!

Shake off your work stresses and get ready to dive in these five better things to do after work, aside from scrolling your phone for hours.

5 Better Things to Do After Work than Phone Scrolling

1. Dust off your shelves and read a book

Dust off your shelves and read a book - things to do after work

You may be surprised by the results of ditching your phone to a physical book.

I know what’s on your mind. ‘I can read ebooks on my phone.’

Yes, you can. And I don’t want to sound like an anti-ebook here. I love ebooks! I’ve bought some online, plus I’m still downloading free ebooks from time to time.

But then, I’ve read an article released by the Federal Communications Commission stating that severe use of mobile phones brings numerous negative consequences not only to your body but also jeopardizing your mental health.

The point here is to minimize the use of your smartphones. You use it all day long for office works. It’s time to rest from it when you reach home.

Why is reading a book one of the better things to do after work? Of course, there’s a lot on the list, but let me convince you following these top three reasons.

a. Broaden your Knowledge

Yes, you hear it all the time. It is not on the list of top rewards for no reason.

Whatever book you choose to read, it gives you additional knowledge or a further understanding of what you already knew.

Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, a writer’s job is not just to entertain but also to inform.

There is even a research by Anne E. Cunningham, supporting what reading does for the mind. She additionally asserts that it also develops mental health as you age.

b. Stress Reliever

As I have emphasized in my previous post about reading a book (link here), losing your self in a good story or a different world dimension lets you forget the stress your mind and body acquired that day.

Reading a book diverts your attention from thinking about your stresses from work or relationships.

Depending on the book you choose, it either expands your imagination to the outside world, or it provides you with real-life situations in which you can get awakening or motivation.

c. Lesser fee for an authentic educator

There are thousands of things we do not learn from school. And one of the best ways to learn life is through reading.

99% of my books are from thrift stores. Hence, for a lesser value, I can have a lifetime education about life.

If you aren’t into fiction books like me, there are lots of self-help books out there that you can learn from the life of others.

Be it on financial success, entrepreneurship, or personal development, these authors show you how they stumble and how they make their way up despite the struggles.

So, what are you waiting for?

Flip those pages rather than scrolling your phone.

2. Prepare a special dinner for yourself

Prepare a special dinner for yourself

When your day is extremely tiring, you don’t have the energy to make dinner for yourself. Even if you have, clearly, you may just have tossed those cereals in a bowl and head to the couch.

If not, you may end up grabbing those instant noodles or canned foods just so you could start scrolling your phone.

The worse thing is you are ordering your dinner yet again, which leads you to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Instead of signing in to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, scroll to easy recipes that you can make for yourself in a short time. There are tons of free apps with easy, affordable, and luscious recipes that you can choose from.

Crank up your popular playlist and experiment on new recipes. Even if you do not know how to cook today, it may be one of your passionate hobbies one day.

On that account, why don’t you keep this on your better things to do after work lists?

After a tough day, you deserve a well-cooked, healthy, and heartily dinner.

3. Hit that passion

hit that passion - things to do after work

The four corners of your office are not the only life you have. Even if you are fortunate enough to have a job that is in-line with your degree and certifications, you probably still have some interests other than the natures of your work.

Drop social media or your mobile games for a while, and let your passion occupy your time after work.

Hit your strings! Your guitar might be a bit rusty already.

Snap those scenes! Your camera might develop some molds if you forget it.

Let your imagination be in reality! Your paints might crystalize if you won’t move them.

Want to put fresh flowers on your dining table? Peek into your cobweb-grown gardening tools and get your hands dirty.

Your hobby is an extension of your true self if you’re not at work and surely is one of the better things to do after work.

Keep practicing what you love, and your after-work life will become a little brighter.

4. Shake your booty is also one of the better things to do after work

shake your booty - things to do after work

If you’re not a morning person like me, then this is for you.

A nine-hour day of sitting in the office makes your cells and muscles tensed and stiff.

If you don’t feel like going to the gym or exercising at home, you may want to take up a dance class.

Alright, you think it’s an additional expense for you?

No worries, you can tune-up to Youtube for any Zumba or dance lessons. Exercises do not need to be dumbells and treadmills. You can make it fun.

Or dust off your brown stained bike and get rolling down the road, enjoy the nature. Hitting two birds with a stone, you say?

The idea is to shake your cells, swing your bones, and let your heart be ready for pumping.

Exercise as one of the better things to do after work not only keeps your stresses away but also keeps your doctor away.

5. Hit the sheets early

hit the sheets early - things to do after work

Depriving yourself of sleep not only affects your productivity but your level of happiness as well.

Research highly recommends aiming for 7-8 hours of sleep. However, a large portion of the population suffers from insufficient sleep, which will affect your mood and eventually leads to a critical health issue.

The following are just a few lists of what happens when you deprive yourself of sleep.

– Absent-mindedness

– Difficult to focus

– Short-tempered

– Lower immune system

– Decreases sex drive

– High risk of heart disease

Need I say more to persuade you? Most likely, you don’t want to undergo not even a single consequence from the above list, right?

Then do yourself a favor! Make early sleeping one of the better things to do after work. Choose a time routine. Set an alarm on when to doze off and when to wake up. Strictly stick to the schedule.

This will make your evening more soothing and less stressful, so you’ll wake up the next day energized and ready to kick.

Final Thoughts on 5 Better Things to Do After Work

Whatever you do after your 9-5 day job will have an impact on your future and your personal development.

You can’t get away with your job. It comprises the big chunk of your life. But, finding something that would withstand each day will make your every day a little lighter.

Completing your day schedule calls for a great effort. And the right motivation matters. Of course, making it a habit is significantly essential.

Invest in your time wisely and get the most of every moment of your every day.

Why don’t you try one or two of these better things to do after work pointers?

You may never have to drag yourself out of bed tomorrow!

Sounds good? Share your thoughts or tips on the comment section below.


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