5 simple ways to be creative during quarantine

5 Simple Ways to be Creative During Quarantine

Sharing with you 5 simple ways to be creative during quarantine might be the least you would lend your attention to. However, be reminded that life is not all about worries.

Don’t punish yourself for what life is throwing you. Stress not! Because however bad the situation around you is, you can still create a positive impact on yourself.

When everyone is battling with the pandemic crisis that struck the whole world into an uncertain halt, sure, you have those despairing moments and rapid fears. Stages when the upcoming date of paying the rent is crushing you; when the utility bills are driving you crazy; when being laid off is uncontrollable; and when stepping out of your doorsteps give you an aching uncertainty. But this shouldn’t stop you from discovering how creative you can be.

While being stuck at home?

Why not?

You just have to ditch Netflix for a while. Or uninstall those online games piling up your app store. That is, if you want to stir up the creativity you, yourself, doesn’t know.

Does this excite you? What are you waiting for?

Let your burning creative sparks blossom with these five simple ways to be creative while locked at home without having to head on the stores for decorative items.

5 Simple Ways to be Creative During Quarantine

1. Remodel your house for a unique creative outlook

Restyling doesn’t have to be expensive. You don’t have to buy new shelves or a new kitchen set.

Rearrange your living room set

It’s impossible to change your furniture set every year. BUT, you can change how it looks like within a few hours.

Try separating the couches putting an indoor plant in between. Similarly, you can switch the bookshelf near your armchair.  

How about moving the living table near the window?

Furthermore, let the stools relax in your storage room for a while and pump up the cushions as an alternative surrounding your living room table.

Now I can sense it. It feels very homey.

If still, you don’t have an idea of how to restyle your living room, you can check some brilliant concepts here.

Of course, the materials in those concepts are, wow, bloody expensive. However, I want you to catch inspiration from those concepts and modify it with the resources that you currently have.

Additionally, you can also visit my best friend, Pinterest, when it comes to extraordinarily simple ideas.

Spruce up the dining area

Do you  have a mom who buys dinner wares, cooking wares, and cutleries only to let it sit in the storage room until a visitor shows up? Well, I do! And I guess we all have that kind of mom. Interestingly, we are following their footsteps.

So, open up those cabinets and let the new wares give a charming view of your dining area.

Are you away from your family? Is your lunch their dinner time?

That’s okay!  You can sign in to Zoom or Skype and have a meal together with your new dining interior.

Remodeling your house alone can bring out the creativity in you during the quarantine. What if I say I got a few more simple ideas to put your creativity in the spotlight?

Then, let’s go!

2. Polish your needles for a creative gift or clothing

Now, this is my favorite. You can lock me up in a room for the whole day. I will not complain. Promise.

Do you feel the same way too?

Knit a flirty summer tank tops

Who says knitting is seasonal? You can absolutely still knit shirts or socks that you can wear all year round.

Don’t you know how to knit? With the extended quarantine time, you have all the time in the world to learn the basics. There is an infinite number of FREE how-to and patterns on the web.

Or yet again, my best friend Pinterest is dominating the knitting world in this time of crisis. Why don’t you check it out? I’m sure, your creativity will tickle the best out of you.

Crochet kids’ clothes for gifting

If there’s one thing I’ll never get tired of doing with needles and hooks, that is crocheting baby booties. Although I did make and sold a few crochet baby dresses, hats, headbands, purses, ponchos, and accessories, my favorite are the booties. It just gives me a genuine satisfaction.

Again, there are lots of free patterns and how-to from the web. You can check the “My BluPrint” site if you want to learn the basics.

For free patterns, you can head on to AllFreecrochet.com. There are thousands of free patterns not only for babies’ clothing but also for adults such as bags, purses, slippers, and tops.

Crochet items are perfect gifts for any occasion and anyone. The receiver can feel how special they are that you set aside a part of your time to think about them.

You did not only bring out the creativity in you but also made a personalized present plus reducing your budget.

You can even arrange a personalized card along with it. How sweet is that?

Cross-stitch the next frame in your creativity wall

                This task might be time-demanding. An A-4 size pattern will take you days and weeks to finish.

                Should you mind the time when it will give life to your living area or bedroom? I don’t think so.

It will get a bit straining to the eye, thus make sure you have enough natural lighting when you work.

What’s more exciting is that you can choose your own pattern. You can even select your wedding picture or your best profile picture. Don’t worry about the pattern because Pic2Pat will take care of that.

Pic2pat is a free cross stitch pattern maker. Just upload an image of your choice into the website. Then you can choose the size of the pattern and fabric. It even gives you the liberty to choose the number of colors you will use.

If, at all, you don’t have the materials for the above tasks, worry not! Now that I got your back in the third one.

3. Recycling your junks is a simple way to be creative

My mom and I fight a lot on this. My bedroom is literally full of scraps. She sees it as garbage, I see it as art.

Drink with a purpose

For sure, you still have those wine bottles in your storage room from your last party. Make a colorful lucky origami star and fill the bottles just like this.

Let your burning creative sparks blossom
Photo credit: wonderfuldiy.com

Then you can place it in your living room either on the center table or on the shelves as bookends – it’s your choice. You can check the creative step-by-step tutorial here.

There’s no need to make it colorful too. Just grab your old magazines and start filling like the one below.

Photo credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/527836018797165786/

Or you can creatively  paint it just like this:

simple ways to be creative
Photo credit: Pixabay

Alright, I know what you’re thinking. You’re not good at painting. I get it. You don’t have to be good at painting to create art. Sometimes, simplicity is the best art.

Then how about this from CraftsbyAmanda?

simple ways to be creative 4
Photo credit: craftsbyamanda.com

Or you can just paint it plain and accessorize it with ribbons or glitters just like these:

simple ways to be creative 5
Photo credit: homedit.com

You can check out more simple yet stunning ideas here

Collect old newspapers to create a creatively designed coaster

Some of you are delivering old newspapers to paper/carton junk shops for a dollar. This time, save your budget for coasters ‘cause you can now make your own.

simple ways to be creative 6
Photo credit: instructables.com

Visit Instructables for a full tutorial. Make sure to coat the final products with varnish for durability.

4. Develop a new collection is another simple way to be creative

If you are the type who hoards unique things, albeit you don’t need them, then this is for you.

First off, clean your house! Particularly, you can have unique finds in your bedroom.

I was once cleaning my room when I stumbled on old mails. I didn’t have the intention to; however, I find myself collecting mail stamps subsequently.

On a different cleaning occasion, it was nostalgic to see old coins, that you used to pay your fare or buy candies when you were in grade school, which are already obsolete. Consequently, I started asking my parents for their old coins.

Bonus point? You’ll never know – that cent you are holding now will be a million-dollar worth to a REAL collector one day.

If you’re a traveler, I’m sure you still have some loose currencies left in your wallet. Keep them. It’s one of the most dazzling recollections of traveling.

You can then frame your collectibles and hang it in your living room or bedroom. How creative is that while developing a hobby?

What will it give you?

Knowledge. Pleasure. Enjoyment. Nostalgia – it brings you back to history and memories.

5. Give a bit of zing to your photo albums

In this world where technology abandoned photo albums, isn’t it amazing to rekindle the memories in a black and white, or vintage-color glossy paper instead of a five inches screen device?

Do you remember that time you entered a cave and was mesmerized by the glistering crystals?

Sure, you captured that.

Don’t let your photo albums collect dust. Preserve your memories not in an electronic device but in a personalized nostalgic scrapbook.

To personally customize the scrapbook, try adding selected mementos such as air tickets, bus cards, restaurant receipts, letters, or just a candid snap of someone or things that are unforgettable and related to the main shot.

Let your scrapbook be a story. Unquestionably, you have some laughable photos you’d want to keep out of sight. That is still a part of your memory. Make it fun. Squeeze it into your scrapbook.

Don’t just combine photos. Challenge your creativity.

Collect unused pins, buttons, colored papers, cardboards, magazines, a lot, my dear. Fold them, punch them, write on them.

Don’t know how to start?

You’re guessing it right! Our friend Pinterest is the answer! There are thousands of creative ideas that you can modify.

Final Words to your brewing creativity

Beat anxiety and stress during this time of crisis with simple ways that let you be creative at the same time.

Explore the inner you.

Let your energy out.

We all have that creativity inside of us. It doesn’t mean that you have to be an artist to create artistry.

Find what interests you.

Learn about it.

Have fun.

I’m excited to hear how you perk up your creativity amidst the pandemic.

Let me know in the comment section below how you spice up your creativity during Covid-19.

I’d love it more if you could share some images of your arts.

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