6 Proven Ways on How to Reinvent Yourself

It takes a lot of courage and fear to reinvent yourself. It’s madness just by thinking about it. The emotional and mental flame inside you seems not parallel to what you are and who you are right now.

Is where you are right now at par with your fulfillment needs?

You probably work hard enough to reach your goals, yet it seems like your progress is not catching in pace with your efforts as you had imagined.

Ultimately, you start questioning yourself. You are debating with yourself whether you chose the best decisions. Or whether your actions were appropriate, whether your behaviors to the situations were suitable and timely.

At this point, you’re getting more questions in your head rather than answers. It feels discouraging. You feel the anxiety attacking your whole being.

You feel that there’s a lot of unutilized potential inside you that it seems too complicated and challenging to bring out. That is what’s holding you back.

The profound thirst for CHANGE inside you is not running along with what you are doing and other external factors.

Whatever you are putting your energy into right now seems not working at all. It’s hurting your time, your energy, and your emotions.

Maybe it’s time to make a tough transition. Perhaps a complete life reinvention, what you say?

Table of Thoughts and Inspiration

I. What Does Reinventing Yourself Mean?

II. Ways of Reinventing Yourself

     1. Identify your strengths

     2. Prioritize and plan

     3. Set realistic goals

     4. Learn and try

     5. Control your finances

     6. Walk Slowly

III. Final Thoughts


What Does Reinventing Yourself Mean

Reinventing yourself takes a lot of conviction and effort, it’s never easy, I can’t stress this enough. It is not just polishing yourself or improving yourself. It’s a process of self-discovery. It is a process of total CHANGE that brings you new choices, habits, routines, possibilities, and opportunities.

It’s one of the hardest decisions in life you might be facing right now. It may mean changing the course of your career, trying to hold on or let go of a toxic relationship, shifting to a new place, losing someone dearly, or planning to further your studies.

Reinventing yourself is that fine line between success and failure.

6 Proven Ways of Reinventing Yourself

Here are a few ways of reinventing yourself now to change your perspective of tomorrow and be a better you.


Your strengths are your fuel to have a beneficial and happier future. Do you remember how hiring managers always ask what your merits and weaknesses are?

While your answers to a job interview are different from a general life perspective, it still gives you an extensive view of your strengths. During your evaluation, you may be giving replies that do not correlate to your passion so that you could land the job.

Identifying your strengths might be a bit tricky. But there a few ways to combat that struggle. Here are some of them:

a. List your strengths

I know you might be writing a 3 – 5 pages listicles out of this. However, try to list your strengths in categories like Personal Strength. These are your unique and desirable personality traits, such as being flexible, creative, persistent, logical, and so forth.  

Next in line is your Transferrable Skills. These are skills that you gained and develop through your years of work experience. It includes writing skills, interpersonal skills, negotiation skills, and the like.

Finally, list your Knowledge Strengths. These are your skills and know-how that you gained through academics, work experiences, or personal training. It involves engineering, photography, carpentry, marketing, and others.

b. Ask others about your strengths and weaknesses

Counselor Elaine Mead has created an exercise for her students to identify her students’ strengths and weaknesses. The first part of the project is to let the students write both positive and negative characteristics of their friends. The result? The longer list contains positive traits, while there were only one or two on the weaknesses list.

The second part is to write the same concept about themselves. The result? The strengths list contains only a few bullets compared to the long list of weaknesses.

That’s the reason why counselors or therapists recommend you to ask others in identifying your strengths and weaknesses. You may be thinking differently about yourself compared to others. Reach out to people whom you trust. Tell them your story and be more open to possibilities and options. They might be seeing something in you which you are not even aware that you are.


Now that you have listed your best strengths, it is time to plan and prioritize your tasks. Prioritizing requires dedication and consistency. Even the smallest exercise counts like waking up early and at the same time every day.

Planning involves listing a road map. What is your goal? Where would you want to be a few years from now? What steps would you consider to target your goal? While you will only attain your goal a few years from now, it is safe to make a list of your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks.

Several tools help you map out your tasks. You can either have it written down as a to-do-lists on a notebook and rank the tasks you think are most important. Or you can use Google’s calendar to help you schedule your tasks more efficiently.

Furthermore, don’t forget to set a deadline for all your tasks.  I know procrastination lives in your system, I always had too. Knowing that there is a limit in doing your tasks motivates you to do things NOW.


You can’t just wake up one day and say, “I want that’ then expect it to happen. You have to considerably envision what you want to achieve and where you want to be years from now. Setting a goal lets you focus on your life’s directions.

Goals measure your motivation and priorities. If you make mistakes in setting your goals, that’s okay. It’s normal. Figure the goals that work for you. Do you remember when you and your friends write down a New Year’s resolution every year but get broken after a few months? In most cases, when you bust these promises, discouragement waves at you, then you give up.

It’s hard to achieve what you desire. Despite that, there are certain ways how you can stick to your goal and finally reaching the medal. Have you heard of SMART goals? It’s a system following what you envision for yourself successfully.

    • Specific – a clear and well-defined goal shows you a precise direction
    • Measurable – include dates or timelines to measure the degree of your success
    • Assignable – who are the players to achieve your goal, do you need a coach or speaker to help you attain your goal?
    • Realistic – set goals that align with your strengths, those which you know you can achieve with the right resources, commitment, obstacles, and limitations
    • Time-related – set a deadline, by doing this, you can avoid procrastination, and know WHEN to celebrate your success


Sometimes, the only way to find out if a plan works is to LEARN and TRY. Don’t let the fear of failure or rejection defeat you. Experiment! It is better to fail by trying than to blast your mind with countless what if’s. Learning doesn’t need to be expensive. Learn by reading free ebooks, subscribing, and attending free webinars.

Today’s technology offers millions of free opportunities to learn. This blog post itself is a free course for you to learn on how to reinvent yourself. Learning is a lifelong activity. It motivates you to do things you’ve never done before, it develops your mental ability to solve problems when your plan fails, and it connects you to people of different thoughts that would help you shape your plans and goals.

Additionally, learning triggers a skill that you didn’t know you can. If you are an IT graduate working in an IT industry but loves reading and writing, why don’t you try to put your thoughts in an online pad? There are thousands of written articles on how to start blogging. You can find tips and testimonials on how they turned that passion into a money-making activity, and eventually leaving their day jobs.

Now you get to work in an IT industry stabilizing your financial resources while fulfilling your passion for writing PLUS receiving additional income from it.

How cool is that?


You might think it’s a bit weird giving you this suggestion while we are talking about reinventing yourself. Well, changes won’t always be free. You have to shell out something to gain something. Am I right?

If you want to shift to a new career, you may have to pay for workshops, training, or crash courses. Or if you want to pursue entrepreneurship like selling your crafts or starting an online business, you may have to pay for your materials or start-up capitals. If you have a hard time moving on from a relationship or divorce, you may have to pay for a therapist or a counselor.

Plan and control your finances. Stick to a budget and consistently track all your expenses, so you will have the resources ready while reinventing yourself.


The thoughts and plans of reinventing yourself may overwhelm you. It DOES! It’s still happening to me right now. You have to remember that, reinventing yourself is a long process, it could take years. It is challenging to shift your normal situation to something new.

Take one step at a time. Slowly let go of your yesterday habits that may ruin your future goal, step by step. Focus on what you are doing today and tomorrow while focusing on the bigger picture goal.

When you want to get fit, you can’t go to the gym and do all the workouts in one or two sessions. Correct? Even your fitness coaches propose a light exercise before hitting those metal gears.

At times, you may trip off your daily steps. That’s okay. It might be an indication that that path is not the right one to walk on. Accept the failure, learn from it, and move on. Everyone goes through it. When it gets tiring, you can stop for a moment and have a break. But don’t give up! You might not realize how close you are to your goals.

Reinventing Yourself Final Thoughts

Change is inevitable, as they say. But you have to accept that there will always be a time in your lives to reinvent yourself. Whether you lost a job, lost a loved one, a business failing, moving on from a bad relationship, staying away from friendship, feeling stuck, whatever your reason is, you have to step up and renew your sense of living.

Reinventing yourself isn’t always smooth. It’s not a quick magical night gamble. It takes PATIENCE, lots of it. Then a couple of SACRIFICES. You also have to work on your EFFORTS. If you want something, there’s always a way to achieve it, no reasons, no but’s.

Reinventing yourself is an art of GROWTH. Who doesn’t want that?

Over to You

Do you have a guide in making changes in your life? Have you initiated that change, or is it an outcome of an unavoidable circumstance?

Comment down below, and let’s exchange views about it. 🙂

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