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6 Reasons to Never Stop Learning

Never Stop Learning1Learning something new is a never-ending process, it is a lifetime commitment, a training investment, from the day you said hello to the world to the moment you say goodbye. Why? Should there be any reasons for you to never stop learning?

Learning doesn’t stop when you graduated from school. It doesn’t stop when you finally land a job. It doesn’t stop when you’re already old.

You should understand that it has to be an everyday task. Life is giving you all the chance to learn. I know you might be busy with your career and relationships but take time to learn something.

But you won’t be able to improve yourself if you don’t keep on learning. You will be stuck, and you will be left behind.

Sometimes, people prefer to be the spectator rather than the teacher because it’s easier to criticize than to learn.

In this fast-paced and gadget-run world, it is but natural to sit and watch videos, open Facebook, browse Instagram, and update Twitter.

It became a standard norm to look into entertainment that sometimes leads to the distraction of your time and energy.

If you are someone who doesn’t have “I don’t know” or “I cannot” tattooed in your vocabulary, then I admire you and would love to hear a lot more words from you.

But if you are one who still speaks a lot of these two phrases, let me try to convince you at least with the reasons why it is essential for you to never stop learning.


Learning is investing. Not to mention, investing in yourself is the optimum investment you could gift to yourself.

Remember when you were in college taking up your major subjects? You know NOTHING about it but you graduated with SOMETHING in your hand.

In like manner, there are things that you wanted to do or explore, but because you are either afraid to start or are waiting for the right moment to develop, these dreams are left as just dreams.

Take risks. Never be afraid of jumping out of your comfort zone. Accept that while taking risks, it might be a success or it might fail. If that risk fails, try again. Learn more.

Failure is not the end. Mistakes don’t define you. Mistakes and failures are one way of learning to get it right. Because it makes you curious about what went wrong. It makes you discover the other picture of the situation.

It lets you create a different path, learning ways to transform that failure into useful insight and perspective.


Learning is not just to gain knowledge. It comes along with the efficiency of acting out what you learn.

You won’t get stuck on what you just know. It might not be helpful at the moment but learning something out of what interests you will pay off in time.

Explore the “what ifs”. Sometimes just because you haven’t experienced it, you tend to move away from it.

Never stop learning if you want to develop yourself. Somehow, learning changes your life’s perspective. Needless to say, it gives you problem-solving options and ideas you never thought of.

Remember that talent is non-identical with skills.


Learning brings you happiness from within.

While it’s true that learning a new hobby, sport, language, or business can be frustrating and demanding, the feeling of accomplishment, in between challenges after challenges, is beyond amazing.

It lets you realize that happiness doesn’t rely on somebody else, it starts within.


Nobody, and I’m sure you are too, wants to be at Stage 1 in your entire career life. To get one step higher, you have to continue learning.

Never say NO.

This is one thing I learned in my corporate job. Though I was hesitant to take in the new responsibility, I took the chance. Then I never regretted it.

I learned new skills and new ideas. I made new friends. On top of that, it boosts my self-confidence.

When you’ve got a lot of ideas in your mind, problems are solved efficiently. For good measure, it makes you a relevant somebody in the industry.

Bonus point? While the company can replace you, your team’s recollection of your work and how you made them great in helping them is a feeling that’s irreplaceable.


Do you know the ripple effect? As per our friend Wiki, it is “a situation in which, like ripples expanding across the water when an object is dropped into it, an effect from an initial state can be followed outwards incrementally”.

This means that whatever you learn, don’t keep it to yourself. Try to show it to someone else. You never know, this someone will in turn share your knowledge with others, and so on.

You’re not only gaining but you’re also sharing.


Wouldn’t it be interesting if you can understand and relate to different interests and knowledge when talking to other people? You don’t want to be a wallpaper, do you?

Furthermore, learning and sharing are not just for ordinary chitchat but a chance to associate your ideas to a wider audience which leads to future collaborations, and eventually progressing your career.

Worth learning, huh?

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking.

You’re too busy to never stop learning. Career responsibilities, family issues, relationship goals. You don’t even know how and when to relax and get those stress out of your system.  I get it. Well, that’s more of the reason to never stop learning – to create a better work-life balance.

That is why I’m giving you some tips on how to put you on track and never stop learning.

Let’s start!

1. Create a Timetable to Never Stop Learning

List all your daily activities the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed. Cross out the activities which you know are not that important and is okay to compromise like peeking into your social media accounts, two hours of Netflix, or three hours of video games.

Switch those hours or insert a minimum of one hour into your schedule for your new learning, say learning a new instrument, or following a podcast of your interest. Make it a part of your daily routine.

2. Baby Steps

Your new learning doesn’t need to be grand.

Reading a 15-pages eBook is fairly enough. You learn something, you share something.

Do you want to bake pizza on your own instead of buying the ready to cook dough? The technology today made it easier for you to access all the information you need FREE.

The point is, start slowly but continuously. Seeing a bigger picture will overwhelm you. Try to do something small and create a bigger picture along the way.

3. Believe in Yourself

You don’t need someone else to remind you that, sweetie!

Everything you do makes you special. Don’t let your fears conquer you. Know that you can do it no matter how hard it is.

Have you tried climbing mountains? When you first set your foot on the trail, have you had reservations? When you were on top of the mountain, wasn’t it worth the sweat, the cramp legs, the achy thighs, and the dry throat?


Because a few inches before reaching the top and even before spotting the view, you are already patting yourself saying “I did it!”

4. Practice, Practice, and Practice

They say practice makes perfect, but I believe, practice makes permanence.

Train your brain to engage in the new learning so it will absorb the new concept completely.

Most importantly, ENJOY. Make your next learning fun and enjoyable. There is no sense of discovering a new learning if you aren’t interested. Neither will it motivate you.

Few Words To Go on Never Stop Learning

Grow your knowledge because when you keep on learning, you keep on exploring. When you keep on exploring, you keep on discovering. When you keep on discovering, there are new worlds to be found.

Plus, there is no such thing as a “right moment” when it comes to learning. So never stop learning and start NOW.

Why don’t you share in the comment box below how and why you never stop learning? We might get some tips and get inspired.

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