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7 Ways to Get Your Motivation Back

Getting your motivation back is a hell lot of struggles. Have you ever wonder why it is so hard to take control of your life and you feel stagnant in a moment? Have you reevaluate yourself and try to make some changes but it seems too difficult to make a start? Do you wish you have that great motivation to keep you going when things are falling?

Well, you’re not hopeless. You are not alone. ‘Cause even the most motivated ones, can feel unmotivated sometimes. There will always be that certain time when you feel like what you’re doing is pointless, useless. You wanted to walk that road towards your goal but it’s a struggle.

Finding your motivation is a fight with time and other circumstances. But I know you can do it. We all just need reminders that will keep our spirits on the go. And here are a few of those reminders that will help you get back on track:

  1. Avoid Negativity

“Negativity shamelessly takes our heart’s joy away”Sri Chinmoy

Unexpected situations will always surprise you and try to pull you down. Reading and watching articles solely slowly drains out the energy of you. Talking to people with sad topics will trigger your mood and create negative energy.

But, you have the power to control your emotions. Focus. Find even the simplest gratitude and practice it every day.

Read and watch inspiring articles. Read success stories from blogs, magazines, or books. You can learn a lot and find inspiration from all of them.

Communicate with positive people and let them inspire you. It is one of the biggest drives for your motivation.

  1. Have a Specific Goal and Remind Yourself Every Day

“It is not enough to be busy. The question is: What are we busy about?” – Henry David Thoreau

We all have our wants and expectations in life. However, you cannot just set your goals and work on them at the same time. Oftentimes, because of these wants and expectations, you try to do so much to achieve them. You try hard to multi-task.

This is one of the many mistakes people make. They try to work on several goals at the same time thinking that doing so much means achieving a lot. This will only drain your energy and will take most of your time. Instead, focus on a specific goal, set a process, and work hard to do it. You can start doing the other goals once you started at least 50% of your current goal.

Now that you know your specific goal, you ought to be reminded of this all the time. If you can print out your goal and post it in your bedroom or on your desk, the better. Every time you look at that goal post, your focus will direct you to the process of achieving it.

  1. Start on Baby Steps

“Start small and dream big.” – Robert Kiyosaki

No matter how big or small your dreams are, establishing a step is a chaos you have to be prepared for. There is no need for you to set the whole day to build the foundation of your goal.

If your goal is to blog one article consistently every weekend, set a time frame for each step and try to work on it before the deadline. Allot an hour every day for 3 days to research, accumulate, and brainstorm your data. Write your article for an hour or two for the following two days. On the sixth day, allow two to three hours for editing and proofreading your article. And finally, do a final proofread on your seventh day and publish your article.

Do the process step by step for a month or so and stick to it until it gets to your everyday routine. Once you achieve this, you feel good about yourself. It provokes you to do more baby steps and add one more aspect to your goal. You might want to market your blog while maintaining an article per week. Or you might want to start writing an e-book while maintaining your blog. Or you can even upload two posts in a week.

After a few months, these baby steps will determine your success and lets you realize how far you’ve come in carving your goals.

  1. Stick to Your Schedule

“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily.” – John C. Maxwell

Having your set goal means, you are to travel a long journey no matter what it takes. Long journeys normally have bumps ahead, crossroads, and detour.


Successes never sail smoothly. The bumps will discourage you. It will move you out of the path you’ve created. But hey, don’t be discouraged. Think about your goal. Go back to the process of achieving your goals, stick to it even when you feel down. Have control of what’s happening around you even if it’s a fraction of what circumstances throws at you.

Make a list of your goal process and pat yourself every time you’ve done even a simple task in achieving your goal to get you motivated. 0.1% forward is still a success towards your goal.

You just have to memorize and keep at heart 3 steps: Choose a habit, make a decision, and stick to it! Motivation will eventually crawl in.

  1. Cross Out a Traditional Calendar

In reference to sticking to your schedule mentioned above, it is not enough to just think about your new habit or decision. There will be a lot of ideas and references along the way that you would want to integrate into your habit which leads to confusion and diversion on what you want to achieve.

When you have decided to do a habit on Day 1, for example, write at least 300 words in a day, cross out that day in the calendar, not the ones in your mobile or desktop, but the actual calendar where you can stick around your space.

When you try to cross out all the days in the calendar, it gives you a sense of pride and a sense of fulfillment. There will be days when you get lazy and would like to skip a day of writing. But knowing that you will be having an empty “X” in your calendar would motivate you to hit on those keyboard keys.

It will get you exhausted when you are starting, but believe me, it will all be worth it!

  1. Exercise, Be Kind to Your Mind and Body

“You’ll have to exercise, or at some point, you’ll just break down.” – Barack Obama

Exercise is the best antidepressant almost all doctors recommend. It doesn’t only change your body, it changes your mind, your attitude, and your mood.

Take it slow when you’re starting, but be consistent. Find time, even for a couple of minutes out of your busy day. A simple walk around the neighborhood or a simple dance covering one or two songs provides a sense of accomplishment.

Exercise suppresses anger and stress. It clears your mind for you to be able to focus on your goals, stick to your plans, and move forward.

  1. Ask for Help, Find Your Support Network

“You don’t have to do it all by yourself.” – Elizabeth Dehn

As cliché, as it is, asking for help, is not a sign of weakness. Don’t feel ashamed of asking for help or guidance. There’s no need to feel alone. Some are just waiting for you to speak up.

Even if you don’t get any comforting words, just by talking about your struggles helps you lift the heavy baggage in your heart and mind. Join forums, mail a friend, talk to your mom, it all works in getting your motivation back.

And yes, ask someone for a hug! We always underestimate the power of hug due to the voices that keep popping in our head and the stress that comes with it but pay attention to these little things that will help you be on track again.

Final Thoughts

The lack of motivation will keep you stagnant on wherever you have left. It gives you difficulties in coping up with even the single issues coming up your way. It even affects your self-confidence.

Starting with even a single tip given above seems too difficult, but persistence is the key. You need to move to get motivated. And once you acquire that determination, things will slowly become easier and you will be able to catch up on the things where you left.

The 7 ways on how to get your motivation back stated above might work with you but not with someone else. Well, I hope some of these at least helped you in a way or the other.

Let me know your views on how you get your motivation back in the comment section below.

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