We go through a lot of struggles every day. Even if circumstances are in favor of us, there will still be a time that we get exhausted. We get tired. We want to give up. We try to run away.

You’re not alone. I’ve been through a lot of career and relationship anxiety. I tried to walk away but it didn’t solve the problem in the long run. I convinced myself that everything will set into its right places.


Nothing changes. The struggles worsen. My self-esteem dropped.

Struggles came one after the other. Until I lost my job for a few months.

Then I came across a quote, which we always hear every day. We always agree, but we lack the courage to accept the meaning and work on it. It goes like this:

It’s very simple and understandable but we only get to read it, agree with it, and eventually forget it.

It struck me all at once and made me convinced that I should start blogging again.

This online pad is a reminder not only to me but to everyone else, that we sometimes ignore the least things in life that would make us great in our crafts or our profession.

Let us inspire and be inspired by everyone else!