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Express Stress the Healthy Way

Express That Stress: ...Are you losing sleep? Do you prefer only a chocolate bite even when you’re hungry? Did you just yell to one of your colleagues when he was just asking a polite question? Is your focus constantly affecting your work capacity? Exactly, you’re stressed! And I know it is affecting everything you do and everyone around you. So how do you express stress?
Stress is an inevitable part of everyone’s life. And each of us has a way to express stress.

Well, some of you might basically choose the classical way – venting out to other people.

Though some people may not be comfortable venting their stress out even to their closest friends or family.

Some tend to conceal their emotions pretending it will subside naturally.

If you are one of them, please don’t do that!

Cause you know what? Repressed stress can put you to a more disturbing reaction both physically and mentally

To express stress itself can be a bit upsetting. Even the remarkably composed and gentle person I know breaks down at some point in their lives. But you can certainly healthily express stress! Really?

Read on and let me know if these are effective:

  1.     Jot it Down

– Write to express stress

You don’t need to have a platform or any design tool to express stress in writing.

Simply write in a piece of paper, vent out your frustrations, your anger, and your stress.

And once you’ve settled your emotions, you have the option to keep it, tear it up or you may also want to burn it.

– Write to understand your stress

This is an approach I’ve resorted to in my younger years. Years ago when I started my career, I frequently become exhausted in every little situation.

Someone introduced me to Blogger, a free blog-publishing service, originally to hone my writing skills.

Then it eventually became my personal haven, precisely much different from the content of my current website. Whenever I’m stressed, I use the site to vent out and draw empathy from my followers.

Looking back and re-reading it, I realized that this is one way of weighing your stress.

You can determine the “what”, “who” and “why” of your stress. Thus, you try to understand the process of your feelings and eventually give a response to a better and appropriate “how” the next time you’ll be stressed.

2.     Meditate to express stress

Uhmmmm. Uhmmmm.

Do you hear that?

Meditate: ...

That’s the sound of your stress escaping out from your body when you meditate!

A 15-minute quick meditation can restore the inner peace in you.

Moreover, there is no need to find a perfect place to meditate.

You can even meditate on the bus on your way home.

Focus. Imagine. Practice.

You can also do yoga, tai chi, and even a mantra meditation depending on your preference.

3.     Gym Time / Dance / Sing

  • Gym Time

Releasing your stress punch by punch not only refocus you on the more important values in your life but also a way to calm your mind and trigger your physical activities.

Sweating abundantly? That’s great! Those sweats are your stresses.

  • Dance and Sing 

Instead of screaming, why don’t you resort to dancing and singing to express stress? It releases endorphins correlated with your emotions which in turn reduces stress.

Besides, want to know the bonus point? 

Well, you earn to practice your sway and vocal cord! How fantastic is that? Hitting two birds at a time.

Don’t underestimate the power of music. Just listening to it relaxes your mind and body.

4.     Read a Book

I know you have a book you bought for years that you supposedly should take on your vacation and read while sipping that pina colada on the beach but never had the time to scan through.

Yes, I feel you! And yes, this is the perfect time to wipe out that dust on the shelf and start reading.

Depending on the book of your choice, it generally gives you a new perspective in life. Who knows? You might capture some helpful tips to understand and respond to your stresses.

5.     Reach Out to Your Confidant

– Confide with your friends or family

Find someone you trust and comfortable talking about your struggles.

Someone who knows how to weigh or balance matters. You don’t want someone to just agree with you and side with your predicament. Don’t you?

– Talk to a therapist to express stress

If you are not comfortable talking about your stresses to a friend or a family, you might want to resort to a therapist.

Usually, talking to your friends or family can give biased opinions.

Of course.

Considering almost all of them prefer to be on your side.

But a therapist will be neutral in their stand. This will help you see different sets of circumstances in another light. Their support is objective which gives you a better assessment of your situation.

Hang in there. There’s more!

  1.    Playing Mobile Games

Have you forgotten your rank in Mobile Legends? Or your level in Candy Crush?

How about your blocks world in Minecraft? Did you lose contact with your Scrabble friends online?

What are you waiting for? This is the best time to hit those keypads and escape reality for a while.

Whilst a few have given a negative review on mobile games especially to those who are addicted to it, there’s a considerable development when it comes to relieving your stress.


Choose a game that you can play in a few minutes to an hour. Those the one that you can put down after one level. You can even opt for challenging word games.

These games can divert your focus for a while until you stabilize your positive emotions back.

  1.    Head to the Mountains


Who says the mountains are only for hikers and nature lovers?

If possible, put on those shoes and keep moving.

Unplug yourself from the world.

Nothing beats the calmness of nature.

The sweet singing voice of the birds, the flickering stream, the tall lush trees, and the cold kiss of the wind – these will all shake off your stress and improves your mental health.

Are you excited just by imagining it that you already forget about your stress?

Why don’t you give it a try?

Choices: ...


After expressing your stress, what now? 


Expressing your stress is just not enough. You need to address and deal with the source of your stress so it won’t exhaust you from time to time.

  • When your emotions are settled, you can directly and courteously talk to the person and explain to them how they made you feel.
  • Well, you might be telling me now, “I don’t dare to even do that.”

I am an introvert and talking to people who made me feel awful is not in my character. Even if I can do it, I won’t do it!

Do you feel the same way?

Efficiently, for me, I cut ties to those people who give me the negative vibes.

When you want peace of mind, company and acquaintanceship don’t matter. You prefer to be alone than to hang out with negative bonds.

  • What if he’s a colleague?

Yes, you can’t choose the people you want to work with.

Yet, I’m telling you now, you can always refrain from talking to them, or even running near them especially if the work you do doesn’t involve them directly.

  • And what if he’s my boss?

The ball is in your court.

In my case, I resigned. I’ve risked the possibility of unemployment for a few months. Nevertheless, I hyped my application process.

But it made me feel wonderful, rather than dragging myself out of bed and being exhausted every day.

  • People are not the only ones giving you stress.

Circumstances or life itself can mess up with you. Like when everything is not working well according to your plans.

What do you do then?

Well, relax, sit back, and reevaluate your progress. I don’t know with you but for me, it’s effective.

However, keep in mind that – you can change your approach, but do not change your goals.

  • Start a gratitude journal.

It is normal for the human brain to notice the awful side of life.

Gratitude provides a sense of happiness and well-being. Start with a small journal that you can take with you wherever you go.

List down even the simplest kindness you receive, be it a waiter who sincerely smiles and assist you throughout your order, or a driver who waited for you at the bus stop not minding his schedule.

Listing and reviewing your journal rewires your brain to a positive attitude. The brain focuses to see the positive in every negative situation.

Make it a habit and you’ll have a lovely journal of joyous memories instead of stress.

Final Words

Some of these lists don’t work best for everyone to express stress. You can choose your approach whichever is best for your personality.

Clear your mind. Find peace. Focus. Move forward.

Have you handled your stress gracefully? Share your tips on the comment box below. We might want to try it next time.

**The information stated within are based on my own experiences and the people close to me. Please consult a qualified health provider should you have other health intentions.

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